To mark the 75th birthday of the NHS, here are 75 reasons to fundraise for SASH Charity and how your donations will directly transform what we can do for patients and NHS staff at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH).

  1. Improve Patient care
    • Your fundraising can directly contribute to enhance patient care by providing additional resources, equipment and facilities.
  2. Enhance mental health services
    • Donations have recently been focused on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our NHS staff, and a clinical psychologist has been funded for over a year to support staff who will benefit from a talking therapy.
  3. Supporting paediatric care
    • A kind donor enhanced our children’s emergency department by transforming it with new, robust, seating, items for children to play with – including a sensory trolley and much more.
  4. Assist neonatal care
    • 500 babies each year require the use of our neonatal care services. By fundraising for Olive’s appeal, you will be directly supporting the babies in the neonatal unit receiving treatment and care.
  5. Support cancer treatment
    • Donations raised will support the cancer services at SASH supporting patients affected by cancer who require treatment in the form of surgical interventions, radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
  6. Bring music to the wards
    • Your fundraising efforts have brought music to patients in a variety of ways such as; radios, our very own Radio Redhill, choirs and harpists who have performed at SASH to boost morale and provide a source of entertainment.
  7. Enhance maternity services
    • Fundraising for the hospital enables us to enhance maternity services for expectant families. Funds can go towards state-of-the-art equipment and additional resources to promote safe and memorable birthing experiences.
  8. Provide additional support to families
    • Donations have funded a picnic for families of diabetic children, providing additional support to the requirements that are needed to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, away from a clinical setting.
  9. Assist critical care units
    • Through the department setting up their own fundraiser in association with one of our running events, the team were able to fund an ICU rehabilitation chair, to support patients in visiting the gardens at East Surrey Hospital.
  10. Support community initiatives
    • Donations allow us to go above and beyond such as looking towards implementing a community fridge to benefit patients, staff and visitors who will benefit from accessing the community fridge 24/7.
  11. Enhance Emergency Department resources
    • You can start a fundraiser with the knowledge that you are going to impact over 300 NHS staff members who deserve a much-needed break in-between life-saving duties as we strive to transform their staffroom.
  12. Supporting NHS staff facing hardship
    • A fundraiser can create truly meaningful impact to NHS staff facing short-term financial hardship. “I can’t express how thankful I am. You have no idea how much this will help me. Thank you does not seem enough”.
  13. Provide comfort items
    • Your donations fund items specifically requested by service users; such as survivors of domestic abuse, who have requested specific items that have made them feel comforted from receiving a care package in their time of need.
  14. Support dementia care programs
    • By raising funds, we can create dementia-friendly environments such as the Camomile Courtyard at East Surrey Hospital. These initiatives not only improve the quality of life for those affected by dementia, but also help to raise awareness too.
  15. Enhancing outdoor spaces
    • Fundraising for our hospitals allows us to enhance outdoor spaces which can create a therapeutic environment for patients, families and staff to take a break from the clinical environment.
  16. Transforming wellbeing
    • Through fundraising, we can invest in programs that promote and support mental health, emotional support and overall wellbeing.
  17. Spread festive cheer
    • It is lovely to see the smiles generated by spreading festive cheer to those in the hospital; this can include decorating the wards or communal areas, providing gifts to patients who are there on Christmas day and celebratory activities to create a joyful atmosphere.
  18. Support staff appreciation initiatives
    • Fundraising is a chance to show your appreciation to our hardworking staff at SASH, allowing events to take place which recognises individuals and teams who go above and beyond for patients and their colleagues.
  19. Support peer-support programs
    • By raising funds, you can enable us to establish peer support networks such as reverse mentoring for individuals to learn from one another and share a range of experiences.
  20. Assist with art therapy
    • Fundraising for the hospitals supports artistic expression. Thanks to you we have been able to hold an art exhibition, creating staff with the opportunity to express themselves creatively and display their work.
  21. Unexpected future needs
    • Your fundraisers will go towards amazing and innovative ideas that we receive through charitable funding requests. This means you are pioneering evolving healthcare needs now and in the future.
  22. Creating awareness
    • You will create awareness about important projects that require funds to support developments and make aspirations become a reality. Heightened awareness through a fundraiser can help us reach a wider community, leading to greater understanding and support.
  23. The impact on our community
    • Your fundraiser can impact beyond the walls of the hospital, as those who are in Surrey and Sussex will benefit from the enhancement of our services. We can only broaden this impact through your help.
  24. Working together
    • By creating a fundraiser, it is an opportunity to work together, perhaps with other donors, friends and family or colleagues. Working together can lead to amazing opportunities.
  25. Personal connections
    • Fundraisers can be inspired from personal connections to Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. If you would like to share your personal connection and the reasons you have decided to fundraise, please share them with us: We will be happy to support and promote your fundraiser!
  26. To be part of a legacy
    • The donations raised from your fundraiser will leave a lasting impact on patient care and the welfare of NHS Staff, looking after the future generations that require the services at SASH and those who work here.
  27. Challenge yourself
    • You can feel a sense of accomplishment through the event or idea you decide to fundraise and challenge yourself in the process.
  28. Keeping patients connected to their loved ones
    • By raising funds, we can support essential communication tools such as tablets, to keep up with technological advances and how patients can communicate with loved ones easily during their time of care.
  29. Inspiring others to start a fundraiser
    • Your actions can go on to encourage other donors to start a challenge themselves.
  30. Making an impact
    • The appreciation from those donations reach and transform the lives of speak for themselves: “Overnight rooms is an excellent idea. My daughter would have loved one when my grandson was under neonatal care this year. The care he received was absolutely fantastic.”
  31. Helping us say yes to ideas from staff
    • You allow ideas from staff to come to life as your donations shape requests for medical equipment, ward transformations, patient care and so much more!
  32. Expand facilities
    • Fundraisers can help shape the expansion of our facilities such as a family room in our neonatal unit at East Surrey Hospital.
  33. Allow new appeals to take shape
    • Once your fundraisers help to reach the goals of our appeals, this leads way to brand new appeals taking shape. Transforming our hospitals in Surrey and Sussex.
  34. Supporting the cultural inclusions champions network
    • Your donations contribute to an inclusive environment for all, whether that is patients or NHS Staff. Increasing the understanding of lived experiences and how we can make improvements for the beneficiary of everyone.
  35. Reaching marginalised communities
    • Your fundraisers enable us to reach marginalised communities and address their healthcare needs. Allowing for opportunities of discussion and feedback to improve services.
  36. Recognising days of celebration
    • You enable us to recognise and celebrate internationally celebrated days such as; International day of the nurse, International day of the midwife and more.
  37. Merchandise for the charity
    • We could not create and design merchandise to support events or promotional materials to generate awareness of the hospital charity without your help. This can include items such as technical running charity t-shirts, postcards, pin badges, banners, gazebos and more.
  38. Supporting our brand identity
    • By donating to SASH Charity, you help to foster trust and credibility of the amazing things we can accomplish together.
  39. Enhancing staff rooms
    • Fundraisers can enhance staff rooms for our hardworking staff to take a break, by providing them with comfortable seating and create an inviting space for staff to relax and recharge.
  40. Digital donations
    • We have been able to fund two contactless machines to transform the ways in which we can receive a donation to the hospital charity. Your donations can help us to continue modernising our donation methods within our community.
  41. Thank you to NHS staff events
    • By raising funds, we can organise special events of appreciation that go above and beyond such as the SASH Big Thank You event.
  42. Supporting patients with their dietary needs
    • Patients can have support with their diet through books that detail specific dietary requirements, ensuring access to nutritional support and resources they can refer back to continuously.
  43. Providing architect services
    • Donations will go towards services that improve the design and functionality of the hospitals, whilst keeping health and safety and infection control in mind. You will help to create spaces that feel like a home-from-home, assisting patients with their recovery.
  44. Treats for staff and patients
    • We can organise small gestures of kindness for patients and staff to help boost morale such as packages, snacks or sweet treats.
  45. Communication equipment
    • Being able to reach a variety of audiences within our community is important when providing healthcare updates or information on particular topics. Your fundraisers have helped to fund communication equipment for our maternity services, allowing them the resources to inform those across Surrey and Sussex on information that is beneficial to families needing our services.
  46. Art work in the hospital
    • Transforming waiting room areas for patients by brightening up walls with murals and scenic imagery. We can only fund beautiful works of art through your donations.
  47. Supporting children with epilepsy
    • We can allocate funds to support children with epilepsy through organising events that cater to their age range, making them fun and engaging at often a daunting time, away from the clinical setting.
  48. Gaming consoles
    • Fundraising for the hospital allows us to provide gaming consoles for children, creating opportunities for entertainment and distraction.
  49. Enhancing waiting rooms for patients
    • Creating spaces that promote calmness, and to put the patient at ease prior to their appointment. By raising funds, we can continue to enhance any future developments that are required.
  50. Boosting staff morale
    • By raising funds and achieving incredible enhancements, it boosts staff morale greatly. The appreciation from NHS staff is always overflowing through the actions of donors and their kindness and generosity.
  51. To reach a goal
    • Fundraising creates a sense of achievement once your fundraising goal has been met. Especially if you end up needing to set a new goal as you have achieved your initial goal in advance of an event.
  52. Provide ways for friends and family to support our cause
    • Your fundraiser will provide your friends and family with ways to support our causes, by donating to your page, they can then go on to choose to donate monthly supporting the cause long-term.
  53. Supporting learning resources
    • Donations can support healthcare professionals expand their knowledge and skills and share learnt knowledge. We have most recently funded bone sculptures thanks to you.
  54. Additional seating
    • A place to sit and relax on a lunchbreak for staff, visiting a loved one in the hospital or for patients to have a form of escapism from their clinical environment outdoors. Two benches have been funded at Crawley Hospital for patients and staff to recharge.
  55. Bringing the community together
    • Fundraisers are a brilliant way to get everyone together. It can be through a variety of ideas such as the brilliant Salsa Bug who is uniting everyone together through dance and raising funds for the SASH Cancer Fund.
  56. In remembrance of a loved one
    • Donations in memory of those we cherish and love are sincerely appreciated by all at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. It is such a meaningful way to have their legacy live on through a transformational idea such as the summerhouse for those affected by cancer in the Macmillan Cancer Centre at East Surrey Hospital.
  57. Set a new personal best
    • Fundraisers are a brilliant way to aim for a new personal best, and sponsor a great cause along the way.
  58. A chance to do something as a team
    • Raising funds as a team is a brilliant opportunity to meet up and plan an event such as Walk for Wards with friends or colleagues. What a better way to fundraise by being joined by the people who share the same goal as you.
  59. Show your support
    • Fundraising shows your support to staff and patients at SASH. You can advocate for our charitable causes and become a charity ambassador.
  60. Shape the future of fundraising by being innovative
    • New trends, or ideas, that can captivate an audience and encourage others to support are helpful when spreading a message of why the particular cause matters to our patients and staff.
  61. Foster new partnerships
    • Your support and participation in our appeals can go onto new partnerships taking shape as connections within our local community begin to grow.
  62. Create understanding of your message
    • Your fundraising platform allows you to detail and share images of your fundraiser journey, this is helpful when informing others why you are fundraising and the benefits this will have on our hospitals.
  63. A display of gratitude
    • A way of expressing gratitude for exceptional care that you or a loved one may have received.
  64. Giving back
    • We have all at some point in our lives required the services of medical professionals, whether that was being born, not feeling well, or requiring long-term treatment. Fundraising for SASH Charity is a great way to give back to causes that feel close to your heart.
  65. Accessible care for all
    • Your donations can contribute towards initiatives that aim to make healthcare services at SASH more accessible to everyone, regardless of the language they may speak.
  66. Inspiring hope
    • By creating a fundraiser, you will inspire hope in the patients and families that are using our services right here, right now. The feedback we receive from patients and families that have benefited so far, such as the family room transformation in our neonatal unit is simply priceless.
  67. Grow our volunteers
    • Your fundraising outreach in the local community can encou7rage others to volunteer for the charity, allowing us to be able to achieve more.
  68. Shaping the narrative
    • We can only go above and beyond with you by our side. This list is all thanks to you
  69. Align with personal values
    • You can choose a specific fund or appeal to raise money for. All of our causes have the wellbeing of individuals in need, whether that is patients or NHS staff.
  70. Join in with like-minded donors
    • Fundraising for the Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust provides you with the opportunity to find like-minded individuals who share your passion towards a common goal of making meaningful impact for patients, families and SASH colleagues.
  71. Gift Aid
    • Your donations and fundraisers may be eligible for Gift Aid. Gift Aid can enhance your overall contribution to our charitable causes.
  72. Professional affiliation
    • Colleagues who work at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare Trust also enjoy participating in fundraisers. Most recently, our wonderful Therapies team, raised funds to support the neonatal unit. Displaying how team work can lead to great accomplishments.
  73. Grow our social following
    • You can help to grow our social following by promoting your fundraisers across various social platforms. Just tag us on:
    • Facebook - @sashcharity

      Instagram - @sashcharity

      Twitter - @sashcharity

  74. It’s straightforward to set up a fundraiser
    • Head to our fundraiser platform on Enthuse and start your fundraiser knowing you are going to make a difference to patients and NHS Staff.
  75. For this: