Whether you like to run, walk or jog, we have an event for you!

These events are open to everyone and are a brilliant way to raise funds for Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH).2023 promo.png

The first event taking place on 21st May 2023 is Run Gatwick, and will be held at the Gatwick Aviation Museum. This is an aviation themed event, where you will be fully immersed, running beside the runway through the restricted perimeter road, where planes will be landing and taking-off. This is perfect for runners who wish to either challenge themselves or aim to create a new personal best by running a 10k.

The second event to take place this year on 10th June 2023 is Walk for Wards, and this will take place at the Glynde Estates. This is a leisurely walking event that is open to everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. Participants will get a chance to take in theW4W23-800x800PX.jpg beautiful scenery by walking or jogging the 7.5km or 15km scenic route, while raising funds to enhance experiences for both patients and staff at SASH.

The third and final event this year on 17th September 2023 is Run Reigate, which will be based in Reigate Priory Park. In previous years we have managed to have our biggest running team of over 100 runners, who raised an incredible £20K combined for our appeals. This family-friendly event means you can choose the best route that suits you; from a half marathon, 10k, 5k or a children’s race – the choice is yours!

Raising funds from these events will have a direct impact on our current projects which are dedicated to supporting healthcare professionals, patients and their families. 

One of our current projects involves enhancing a staff room for 300 Emergency Department colleagues. These individuals work tirelessly to saves lives and deserve a welcoming and comfortable environment for breaks and relaxation. You can help to make their vision a reality as we strive to fund; a changing area with a privacy curtain, wardrobe and lockers, a functional kitchen, access to an outdoor courtyard, comfortable seating and new tables. By renovating this staff room, Emergency Department colleagues will be able to feel a sense of escapism from their clinical settings.

Flags.jpgAnother project we are working on is enhancing an overnight room for families with premature babies. When a baby is born prematurely, the experience can be overwhelming for families. An overnight room provides a safe and comfortable space for parents to stay close to their baby. You can help to alleviate a magnitude of emotions by making it easier for parents to stay overnight, making it easier for parents to spend time bonding with their new little one. This project will help parents directly during this difficult time, until their baby is well enough to go home. 

In addition to these projects, we're also working to support NHS Staff facing financial hardship. NHS staff work incredibly hard to provide high standards of care to patients. However, sometimes they face financial difficulties, which can lead to anxiety and worry. You can help to raise funds for NHS staff who find themselves in need of short-term financial support, which can make a difference. The feedback from those who have been supported so far speaks for itself "Even though I will never be able to see you face to face to thank you, I am humble by what you have done. For I am a complete stranger, a normal working person, who was on the brink of giving up until I found the about the Hardship Fund which I was ashamed to reached to and asked for help. Nevertheless, you have extended your hand to help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart".

Runners.jpgWe are also raising funds to build a new summerhouse for patients affected by cancer. The summerhouse will be for anyone who is using the cancer centre and will be situated in the enclosed garden at the Macmillan Centre at East Surrey Hospital. You will be able to help patients to have a quiet place to relax amongst nature, that is sheltered, promoting privacy and coverage from all weather conditions. 

Lastly, you can help us say "yes" to ideas from staff. Each week NHS staff across SASH apply to SASH Charity for
funding for their ideas. Your donations are what allows us to say yes to brilliant ideas, to help staff go above and beyond for people using or visiting our hospitals. You can see for yourself the difference you can make by supporting our general fund here.


Now for the easy part! Sign up to one of our events in three simple steps:

Step one

Register your place – be sure to do this soon to avoid missing out:

To register for a place at Run Gatwick follow this link

To register for a place at Walk for Wards follow this link

To register for a place at Run Reigate follow this link


Step two

Decide which project you would like to raise funds for and set up your fundraiser:

I would like to set up a fundraiser for the Emergency Department.

I would like to set up a fundraiser for the Neonatal Unit.

I would like to set up a fundraiser for the Hardship Fund.

I would like to set up a fundraiser for the Cancer Fund.

I would like to set up a fundraiser for the General Fund.


Step three

Inform the SASH Charity team once your fundraiser reaches £150 for a free technical running t-shirt. If you work at Gatwick Airport, your fundraising will be matched up to £250! Be sure to let us know by emailing: sash.charity@nhs.net

We look forward to hearing from you.


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