"This was perfect"

Thanks to your generosity, the Paediatric Diabetes team at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust organised a memorable Picnic in the Park event that brought smiles, support, and connections to our young patients with Type 1 diabetes and their loved ones.

“We weren't sure what to expect but thought the games for all (adults and kids) plus the exercise was great. We all had a fab time. It was lovely to see the team and meet some other families. Looking forward to the next one!”

This event served as a dual purpose. First and foremost, it provided a welcoming space for children and their families who share a similar diagnosis to connect and find comfort in the company of others who understand what it feels like to have Type 1 diabetes. This created the opportunity to exchange experiences and offer mutual support to one another, while children made new friends who, just like them, are navigating the world with Type 1 diabetes.

But that's not all; your donations allowed families to get to know our incredible paediatric diabetes team better. Because of you our talented professionals were able to go above and beyond in the care they can provide, while engaging and informing some of our youngest patients, creating an environment in which children can feel comfortable to ask questions and learn in a fun manner. 

The picnic in the park was a resounding success and lovely feedback was received from those who attended:

“It was fantastic I have no recommendations. Very family friendly.”

“It was so nice for my grand-daughter to see other similar aged children with a dexi or being finger pricked. It's important for the parents too, my daughter swapped telephone numbers with another mum with similar aged daughter. Definitely I would join you next time when you hold one, hopefully Xmas time.”


“More more more. All good thanks (More picnics and events... everything was good thank you)”

“Thank you soo much for organising. You guys are amazing!”

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Thank you for going above and beyond for children receiving care in the hospital!