Have you taken part in the Get Active Challenge? If so – thank you, and In the last two weeks of the challenge, we need your help.


The challenge, organised by Run Series, the fantastic team behind Run Reigate, Run Gatwick and more, has brought together (not in person!) over 1,000 people to raise funds for the local hospitals during COVID-19, through solo exercise and home workouts. 

Share your exercise photos

The support has been really inspiring, and with 2 weeks to go, we would LOVE to see as many of you as possible sharing your socially distanced exercise photos on social media, and tagging us (@sashcharity).

Share your photos at


About the event

We’ve seen adults, children, whole families, and hospital staff taking part in the Get Active Challenge. Running, walking, cycling, swimming, and doing home workouts. You’ve been amazing. Getting active, while staying safely away from other people, and raising funds which are already directly helping the staff caring for people with coronavirus here in our community.

Turns out we are a pretty competitive bunch too – the leaderboards sprang into life almost as soon as they went live, and we’ve watched with interest as people vie for the top spot in each category!

Our job at the charity is to get your donations to the hospital staff, and we are already doing this. You can read more here about how donations are helping.

There’s more we want to do in the coming weeks too, including backing ideas from members of staff which will either help them as they care for people with/recovering from COVID-19, or help them do more for their patients. Your donations make this possible.

There are a small number of places left if you’d still like to sign up and get a unique commemorative medal. Even if you haven’t officially entered, we’d still love to see your solo exercise photos on twitterinstagram or facebook and tag SASH Charity. 

Donations pages – the final push!

Alongside sharing your photos on social media – if you want to set up a donations page for this last push (till the end June), we’d LOVE to have your support – you can set up a page here https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/SASHCovid19

With over 1,000 people taking part, just imagine what we could do if you all raised £100.

In the hospital

We’ll no doubt say more about the journey here through COVID-19 in time. The first few weeks has already been busy, intense, physically and emotionally demanding for staff working 24 hours a day, often in full PPE, caring for people in very difficult circumstances. Caring for people at the end of life, and caring for people who recovered. We’ve lost friends, and we’ve also lost much loved colleagues here in the hospitals. Knowing the community supports the staff here means a huge amount.

Set up a donations page at https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/SASHCovid19

Thank you to everyone for your support. It’s genuinely inspiring.