We are on a mission to give people in our local hospitals the best possible experience.

Every day we work with colleagues, and patients across our hospitals (East Surrey Hospital, Crawley Hospital, Horsham Hospital, Caterham Dene, and across Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust) to seek out ways in which we can help do more for people in hospital. We have some really ambitious plans coming very soon, as well as some really impactful things we need help with right now. So – here’s how a donation today would help in our local hospitals.


Help children in East Surrey Hospital

We are the charity for the childrens wards at East Surrey Hospital. As part of some really ambitious plans to enhance how we look after children in hospital, a donation TODAY will help towards refurbishing a treatment room, to help make it a more calming relaxing space.  

Hospitalisation can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, especially for children.

To alleviate these concerns, we are seeking funding to enhance a childrens treatment room, turning it into a calming and reassuring space for our patients. Your donation will particularly help children who are anxious, those with sensory issues, neurodevelopmental disorders, as well as others.

Alongside this a donation will help towards enhancing the isolation rooms which children sometimes have to stay in, for example if they have weakened immune systems, as part of their cancer treatment. We want to make these rooms more comfortable, stimulating spaces.

Donations will also help us enhance the facilities for parents of sick children. Including an improved parent’s kitchen, for people to step away from the clinical environment.


Help people receiving Chemotherapy in Crawley Hospital

Our chemotherapy unit in Crawley Hospital (Comet Ward) is treating far more people than in previous years. Alongside work by the NHS, a donation to our cancer fund will help us provide a new chemotherapy chair – helping treat more people in comfort.


Cancer treatment can require people to be in the hospital for many hours. The new chemotherapy chair will be comfortable and supportive for our patients with bone metastases, and be supportive of the back and head. It will be highly adjustable to ensure patient comfort, whilst allowing clinicians the easy access they need to deliver treatment easily and effectively. Your donations will directly help us provide this new chemotherapy chair.  


A quiet room for families of people with blood cancer in East Surrey Hospital

Inspired by people who have used Godstone Ward, and Godstone Haematology Ward, the nursing team are hoping to raise the money to refurbish the quiet room which serves both wards. This room is often used by family members of people with very serious illnesses. And is sometimes used for informing people of important news on their loved ones health. We need about another £2,000 to do everything the team would like in this room.


Replace and enhance a damaged outdoor seating area

During the storms earlier this year, our two outdoor ‘igloo’ rest areas were damaged. These were used every day by staff, and by hospital visitors. We hope to replace them with smart metal gazebos and picnic tables (similar to the ones we have elsewhere). So people have more shaded/sheltered spaces to sit outdoors again. We need to raise c£12,000 to deliver these.


We are on a mission to make our hospitals the best they can possibly be for everyone who needs them. Working with patients, staff, and partnering with others. Alongside the specific projects listed here – donations help us do more across the whole of our hospitals. So whichever wards you feel a connection to, or want to thank, a donation today can help.


Thanks so much for supporting the charity - your donations have an impact right here in your local hospitals.