Our incredible local community has thrown its support behind hospital staff on the frontline of keeping us safe during covid19, and thanks to your support, a number of new staff welfare facilities have already been provided and a brand new welfare room is about to open. This is a direct result of your support for SASH Charity during recent weeks. Thank you,

Staff welfare room.jpg

For hospital staff, often working long hours, day or night, in challenging conditions through covid19, having new, or enhanced spaces to recover or rest during short breaks can be hugely helpful. Here’s a sneak preview of the new welfare room which you’ve made possible.

The welfare room will open in early July (we wanted to give you a preview) and will be be open to all staff, sCapture.PNGo people working in clinical roles, including nurses and doctors, as well as everyone else in the team that keeps a hospital working, including hospital porters, housekeepers, receptionists and appointment booking teams. The room is possible thanks to the support of our local communty, and a grant from the Vinci Airports Foundation.

Your donations have also provided improvements in a number of other staff rest areas, including new sofas in the Three Arches Restaurant, new coffee machines and comfortable furnishings in staff rest areas for the Ear Nose and Throat teams, and the Emergency Department.

​​​​What’s next?

To help us go further for hospital staff, right now we are asking staff to tell us their ideas for how your huge fundraising efforts can best help them (click here to share your suggestions). We are also looking at how best we can work in partnership with other charities and organisations to go further for patients and our local community.  

We would love you to join us. If you, your business or group would like to help us do more for the local community and hospitals, please either contact us for a chat, or donate now if you can. You can be part of something exciting right here in Surrey and Sussex.