Help create a health charity brand for the coming decade.

We are looking to work with brand strategy experts to help review and transform our charity brand.

In the coming years, we hope to do more for people in the areas served by Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust – and we need to create a charity brand which is easily understood and compelling, to inspire people to help make this possible.

Could this be your company?

We believe that by raising funds, and working with others, we can help people who are served by our hospitals to have brilliant experiences before, during, and after using the hospitals, and other SASH NHS Trust’s services.

Thanks to the support of our local community, local companies, and NHS staff, SASH Charity has been able to have a greater impact over the past few years than ever before (here’s a short video with some of the things you’ve made possible).

Over the coming years we hope to build on this, to be able to do much more for everybody served by our hospitals, and to be a charity which everybody in Surrey and Sussex can be genuinely inspired by, and proud of. We need a brand which will help the charity be easily understood, and compelling to people who may wish to help.

We have secured external funding to engage specialist help from branding experts to help us properly review our name, brand, and visual identity, engaging with supporters and stakeholders, and to help bring our new brand to life.

We would love to hear from organisations with relevant expertise, before the deadline of 5pm on Friday 29 September.

If your company has relevant experience, and you'd like to help - please drop us an email at and we will be delighted to share the brief with you.