You will have a direct impact for babies and families here at East Surrey Hospital by:

Providing additional state of the art equipment, including: Up to five top of the range neonatal incubators (£23,000 each), and up to ten additional hospital grade breast pumps (c£2000 each) for the new unit.

The incubators will enhance the comfort of the baby, through improved temperature control, lighting, and the use of sounds. They also allow easier contact between mums and dads and the baby, at this critical time for the family. The additional pumps will mean every mum in the unit has their own, and they dont have to wait for equipment to be available.

Creating a more comfortable environment for families in the unit at a crucial time.

Your donations will help to create a new family room, enhance the facilities in our new overnight rooms, provide additional specialist seating for mums breastfeeding, and for partners staying close by. 

All of this will help give families relaxing spaces away from the clinical environment. Some spaces they can take a quiet moment to rest, in what can be a very emotionally and physically difficult time. 

You will also help us provide bespoke art / theming through the whole unit – helping it to feel a calming relaxing space, which is far beyond what would be expected in a local hospital.

Family room (before)
Family room (After)
Baby in Incubator