Local student raises money for SASH Charity

L-R: Norma Leah, Sam Leah and Lydia Matthews

Local student, Sam Leah, 16, from Horley, and his classmates from Oakwood School, Horley have raised almost £900 for SASH Charity, which supports Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH).

Sam, who has been receiving treatment at the orthoptic clinic for double vision at East Surrey Hospital, which specialises in retinal disorders, for the past nine years, gained the support of his friends by having a non-uniform day to fundraise for SASH Charity.

This week, Sam along with his Mum Norma, Simon Potton, headteacher at Oakwood School and some of his friends, made a surprise visit to the orthoptic clinic to present their generous donation to Lydia Matthews, senior orthoptist, who has been caring for Sam. Caroline Stamp, head of ophthalmology, said: “We are so touched to receive their generous gift, it was a lovely surprise and it was great to meet some of the enthusiastic fundraisers.”

Sam, who is a senior prefect, said: “I am really pleased to be able to give back and support a team that have cared for me and given me so much support.”

Norma added: “Lydia is such a caring lady; she is very thorough and knows how to put me at ease as a parent. She is always so friendly and wonderful to Sam. We have been coming to see the ophthalmology team for many years and we just wanted to show our appreciation.”