Are you a keen photographer? Got an eye for a great bluebell photo? We need your help!

Photographers and Instagram snappers of Surrey and Sussex – we are inviting entries to a photography competition, to help us find two brilliant images for use on the wall of two of our patient rooms.

Inspired by the nurses who made a patient’s last wish come true, with a trip from the hospital to the Bluebell Railway, and supported by a kind donation from his family, we are looking to identify two great pictures, ideally of bluebells in our wonderful local woodland, to print on the wall of two patient rooms, on the Woodland Ward at East Surrey Hospital.

How does it work?

At this time of year, our area is carpeted with beautiful bluebells, and we know how much we all love to snap pictures of them. We are looking to help bring a calming, beautiful local landscape into the rooms, for patients and their families/visitors to enjoy whilst in hospital. Rather than choose a stock image, we would absolutely love to use an image taken by someone in our local community.

The competition is free to enter, as we mostly just want to find a lovely local image to use for patients. Although of course if you would like to make a donation with your entry, you always can, via the donate button on this website.

The winning entries will be printed on the walls in the patient rooms, along with a thank you to you as the photographer.

To enter, simply email your photo(s) to [email protected] before 9am on Monday 3 June, along with your contact details.

Please include your name, email address, telephone number, instagram/twitter handle (if you’re happy to be credited online for your picture).

Thank you in advance for helping use your creative talent to make a difference for patients in hospital. We are hugely grateful!

The brief

We want to brighten up two patient rooms, and to remember the legacy of the patient who we took to see the bluebell railway. As such, we are looking for images in two categories:

  1. Bluebells in woodland: A beautiful representation of our local area.
  2. Abstract – images composed of colours/textures which would brighten up the room.

Technical requirements:

Images must be high quality/resolution – at least 12 megapixels if using a digital camera/phone camera. This is so they can be expanded to the size of the wall (almost 2 metres across) without becoming grainy.

Landcape format is preferable to portrait, as it will fit the wall more easily.

The Rules

We want this to be as simple as possible for people, the main aim being to just get a lovely image for the patient room, taken by a local person. So the rules are:

  • You must have taken the photograph yourself.
  • We cannot provide payment for your image, so by submitting your photograph, you are granting us the right to use it free of charge in the patient rooms on Woodland Ward at East Surrey Hospital
  • In addition we may share lower resolution versions of images on our social media feeds (with credit to you for the image)
  • Please don’t include people in the image (as they might not want to be immortalised on the wall!).
  • Please don’t do anything illegal, dangerous or silly to get the photo. (Obviously!)
  • The judges decision is final.

More information

If you have any questions, or would like more info, please don’t hesitate to contact [email protected], or by telephone 07966 235171.