If you are a member of staff in any part of SASH NHS Trust, you can apply for funding for your idea to help the Trust go above and beyond for patients and staff. *And it’s easier than you think

Step 1: Have a great idea

This bit is down to you!

Step 2: Apply for funding for it

Here’s the application form. Please make sure you’ve included sufficient information to enable us to review your idea. 

Please note, we don't fund things retrospectively (ie things which have already been ordered/paid for through another means), so please do ensure you've made a successful application to the charity and received your funding approval before placing orders. 


Step 3: Get a funding decision 

Applications for less than £50 are responded to almost immediately, larger amounts of up to £2,000 are reviewed on the first Tuesday of every month and we aim to get back to applicants quickly with a yes or no. Applications for more than £2,000 are reviewed quarterly. Sometimes we might request additional information to help make an informed decision.

Step 4: Do it!

Order or implement your thing (buying stuff is done by the Trust procurement team, we will give you the charity budget code so the bill comes to us).

Step 5: Tell us how it went!

We ask that all funded projects take a photo of the idea in action, and let us know any feedback on how it’s helped. This helps inspire other colleagues to apply for funding for their own ideas, and to inspire other people to fundraise for/donate to us.  

To give your application the best chance of success, broadly speaking we would encourage you to consider three things:

  1. How will your idea benefit patients or staff here?
  2. Is it over and above / different to normal NHS provision? Or should the NHS fund it. E.g. if it’s essential for your work, then the NHS should fund it.
  3. Would our donors like the idea? All our charitable funds are raised by dedicated fundraisers and supporters, we want to fund things which they would be really pleased to hear about, as well as things which help inspire others to support us.

More detailed guidance and policies are available on the SASHNet intranet.  Alternatively feel free to contact us on the phone numbers below (internal extension 1295) or at sash.charity@nhs.net