One in two of us will get cancer in our lifetime.

The SASH Cancer Fund supports cancer services at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. This includes the East Surrey Macmillan Cancer Support Centre, the chemotherapy suite at East Surrey Hospital, diagnostic imaging/scans at East Surrey Hospital, Crawley Hosptial and Horsham, and more. Recently your donations have made it possible to transform the chemotherapy suite with ten comfortable new chemotherapy chairs, and beautiful wall coverings throughout. We need your help to go further for people affected by cancer here in Surrey and Sussex. 



For many people living in East Surrey, and Sussex, treatment will take place at East Surrey Hospital, whether it is surgical, or involves radiotherapy, or chemotherapy.

We need your help to create a new space for people affected by Cancer here in Surrey and Sussex - a beautiful new sheltered and shaded summerhouse in the garden of the East Surrey Macmillan Cancer Support Centre.  

Your donations will help people enjoy the garden of the cancer centre all year round, providing a calming new space with fresh air, away from the clinical environment, with shelter for rainy days, and shade for sunny days. 


About the centre

The East Surrey Macmillan Cancer Support centre was opened in 2017, jointly funded by Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (SASH), and the generous support of Macmillan Cancer Support. The centre offers additional holistic care and support in a friendly and non-clinical environment for people affected by cancer.  Whether a patient, carer, family member or friend, the centre provides a welcoming atmosphere where people can receive practical advice, emotional support or simply a listening ear, at any stage of their cancer experience.

Fundraising for the East Surrey Cancer Centre is now through the SASH Charity Cancer Fund. This fund supports the centre itself, and the related cancer services here at Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust.

At the request of centre users, we are asking for your help to build a new summerhouse, in the cancer centre garden.


How will your donations help?

The enclosed garden at the Macmillan Centre offers a therapeutic retreat to people affected by cancer. Centre users have requested more shade from the sun and a fixed structure to provide year-round protection from the elements, so that they are still able to spend quiet time in the garden throughout the year.

The summer house will be for anyone using the cancer centre. Somewhere to shelter from the weather whilst feeling the therapeutic benefits of being in the garden.  A sheltered space for reflection and privacy will provide an area to accommodate a different social environment and provide additional stimulation through the colours, smells and sounds of wildlife in the garden.

Centre user Gill says:

“ The Summerhouse would be an all weather peaceful sanctuary, a restorative oasis surrounded by the garden away from the hustle and bustle of the hospital for therapy, relaxation classes or just a private chat. For many people, their skin can be very sensitive to burning from the sun during radiotherapy, so a covered area/Summerhouse  surrounded by the beautiful garden here where you can go for a private chat or therapy will be a great asset to recovery”

The new summerhouse will be funded 100% by your donations. To make it happen, we need to raise c£20,000, to complete the necessary preparatory work, and purchase, install and furnish the new summerhouse.

Any additional funds raised will help further enhance cancer services here at Surrey &andSussex Healthcare NHS Trust, for patients, families, and staff who care for us all.

Donations to the Cancer Fund are designated for use for cancer services, and people affected by Cancer in the SASH area. Donations not used for cancer services would be used to support other charitable activities for patients and staff across SASH NHS Trust.