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Help SASH Charity to create a dementia friendly garden at East Surrey Hospital

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We are raising money to develop one of our courtyards next to the care of the elderly wards at East Surrey Hospital. The aim is to create a dementia friendly garden that is a calm, safe environment for all our patients and their families to use. For patients living with dementia, the garden will provide a place to exercise and therefore give an opportunity to relieve tension and frustration. It would also offer additional interest with colours, smells and the sounds of wildlife too.

The current space is an area with overgrown trees and is unsuitable for many patients due to some uneven surfaces and benches which are too low for older people to sit on. The courtyard is largely grey concrete with no vibrant and stimulating colours. 

Current courtyard

The current space

With your support, we will be able to create a courtyard with dementia friendly design principles. This will include planting and features that support people to enjoy the garden such as smells, touch and wheelchair accessible pathways with activities including a table tennis table. The table tennis table has been developed by the BAT foundation (Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy) who have been working in collaboration with King’s College London, who are researching the benefits of this type of activity for people living with dementia.

The Camomile Courtyard design also incorporates reminiscence elements to help patients’ recall such as an older style bus shelter and post box.

Artist's impression

Artist’s impression

Artist's impression

Artist’s impression

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We hope that the work can be completed by Spring 2018 so that Camomile Courtyard ready for patients, their families and the nurses and therapists caring for them to enjoy.

Help us to make this amazing space a reality.

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For more information about the garden or how you can help please contact or call 01737 768511 ext. 1295.